A spoof call takes place whenever a person calls another person using a different caller ID hence hiding the true identity of the caller. There are various companies out there that offer this kind of services at a very affordable rate.


It may sound unrealistic but these companies do exist and they help people make some calls without revealing their true identity. Apart from spoof calling they can also provide other services. Oftentimes the services they offer are indicated on their calling cards. Some of the services they offer include recording of calls and voice changing. However you can only avail their services if you are able to purchase a SpoofCard Pin. After purchasing, you must first dial the number 866. The next thing that you do is provide the number that you are calling from. It is also necessary for you to include the recipient's number as well as the contact number that you want to appear on their caller ID. Once done, you may now proceed with the call. This way you are able to make a call without revealing your contact information. For more facts about spoof calling, visit this website at http://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/06/politics/tony-blinken-trump-fake-news-cnntv/.


For some countries spoof calling services are legal. This is the reason why this service is quite affordable. The best thing about this type of service is that you will be able to call anyone without them knowing your real contact information. As a matter of fact, they will not be able to trace any information on their phone bill. However, spoofing companies have records of your phone calls that are kept confidential so you see there is not much to worry. Since it is legal you don't have to worry as long as you are not using it for unlawful acts like swindling or fraud. If by any chance a person is caught doing this, spoof calls company are obliged to coordinate with law enforcement agencies to resolve the situation. Oftentimes, recording of calls is not permitted unless the two parties agreed to do the latter, click to learn more!  



There are certain situations that call for a spoof calling services at http://spoofcall.org/, for instance you're not in your office and you don't want to use your personal number to deal with patients or clients then you can simply avail spoof calling services to make it appear that the call is made from your office. The latter is just an example of a situation wherein you can be benefited from using a spoof call and of course there are still other benefits apart from the one mentioned earlier.